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Education is a key element for any growing economy. To know the value of it is to strive hard to get it at right time. All resources are to be equipped to reach our high goals and aspirations. One of them is scholarships which are immensely in need for the students to achieve their goals that are set. EGURUJI INDIA is an inclusive body which works for the students across India ranging from standard one to standard twelfth. We work on the basis of conducting exams and providing scholarships to the deserving students. We cater various ranges of scholarship with diverse packages varying with a minimal exam fee of Rs. 100/-, Rs. 250/- and Rs. 500/-.  Students who pass out the examination are shortlisted for receiving the merit accolades. Top three merit students will be receiving invaluable cash awards. We avail opportunities to young achievers of India who wish to come out with flying colours in their education. Come, Join with us today, and prove your talent by giving an exam and win exciting cash prizes as well as scholarships to fulfil your dreams to study.